What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Tuesday Edition

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Coudal Partners

The Work of CP Labs


Yep, it's another year of being ignored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and another snub in the category of Technical Achievement for us. Sure the Steadicam was a pretty big deal, and drone-mounted gimbals have their uses, but where is the respect for our camera-system innovations?

Since its creation in 2008, our RinseCam9000 (above left) has set the standard for Operating Dishwasher Interior Perspective (ODI-POV) shots. And now, after years of development, we recently unveiled a light-weight, comfortable and protective system (above right) for shooting First-Person Construction (FPOV-C) footage. I guess being outside of the Hollywood system really makes it hard to get recognition. Maybe next year.

Field Notes for Spring

Safety First

No crew members were seriously injured in the production of this film to accompany our latest Field Notes release, The Utility Edition. Please don't report us to OSHA.

Choose to Go to the Moon

The Moon is Forever

But the "Luncay" limited-editon Field Notes isn't. So you know, they're almost sold out.

It's not quite like faking the moon landing, but the film we made for the release of our Field Notes Quarterly Edition Lunacy, was made entirely using the same sort of practical, analog effects that you'd need to employ if you were going to stage that event, back in the day. So fun. So messy.

A Six Tone Scale

True to the Blobbiness

We've long-admired the dynamism of a mural that is hangs on the north side of the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce, on Ashland Avenue. Once we renovated and moved into our new studio space, we decided to track down who was responsible, with the idea of doing something similar for our main work space. The artists, Gwendolyn Zabicki and Kent Smith, were up for the idea, and also for us filming them painting the 12' x 8', 3-panel artwork. Thanks a million to them.

Moco Fun at the new HQ

We Go Round in Circles

Steve bought a cool motion-control rig. We wanted to make some sort of recap the Field Notes Quarterly Editions from 2016. So we made this film. Added bonus, it provides a nice view of the new HQ.

JC at Creative Mornings

What Are You
Afraid Of?

Here's Jim's presentation from the inaugural edition of Chicago Creative Mornings. Thanks to Tina, Mig, Gravity Tank and everyone who showed up.

Because it's There

A Winter’s Tale

"One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen." —Rene Daumal. Why did we do it? Because it is there. Or was anyhow. Presenting Above the Sun, a true story.

New from Field Notes

Eternal, Shiny
and Chrome

Just in time for gift giving, a metallic embossed cover, a new binding and orange spine, plus Drapln-designed wrapping paper and a "To/From" sticker. Our Field Notes winter limited-edition is Black Ice.

A Cautionary Tale

Heed This Well, Young Costumed Beggars

Our annual warning to trick-or-treaters, in the style of Hilaire Belloc.

Faces Deserving of Props

Tight, in All-Caps with Almost No Line Spacing

Chauncey H. Griffith's Bodoni Poster Black was developed for Mergenthaler in 1929 and features strong verticals and shallow descenders. It's regularly employed for era-specific "Appearing Nightly at the Copacabana" lobby-card-ish announcements and by and large it's serviceable, if not particularly interesting. But, just in case you find yourself in need of a two skinny chicks whispering near the coke mirror, late 70's, Los Angeles sort of vibe, set it tight in all-caps with almost no line spacing. Suggested pairing: Univers Light Extra Condensed.

Verse by Voice

Poetry, After the Beep

Several years ago, on a whim, we asked people to read their favorite short poems into our voice mail for a project we called Verse By Voice. And lots of people did, creating a poetry meme!. To get the idea, here's novelist Zadie Smith reading Frank O'Hara's Animals.

Guest Editors

Helpful and
Mostly Polite

A list of all the brilliant people who have helped us by guest editing Fresh Signals can be found here.

Other recent features are listed on Page Two.

Fresh Signals

Discovered via Sound Opinions this weekend, teenage band The Regrettes ms-yesterday

A new Duly Noted dispatch is up at Field Notes, A Job Well Done. jc-yesterday

An Open Letter to People Who Think Leggings are Pants. ms-yesterday

FoTA Adam Savage visited Weta Workshop in New Zealand to check out some of the incredible props for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film. mcj-yesterday

A Supercell Thunderstorm Cloud Over Montana. ms-yesterday

Tiny food you can't eat. dw-02.24

If you're a fan of Joe from our shipping department (who isn't!?) tune in to his 24-hour live performance from his apartment this weekend. I hope his neighbors are out of town. bb-02.24

It's as if they said, "Let's write a sub-hed that will get that Coudal guy's attention." A branding project solves a design mystery involving a famous type designer, a bequeathed inheritance, and a shrewd rare books librarian. Mission accomplished. jc-02.24

Our pals at One Design had a pretty good 2016. We're glad to have been a part of it with a major overhaul of the Field Notes site and backend systems. jc-02.24

The "Asian Cliché" musical riff, examined in great detail. bb-02.24

Interiors: Stanley Kubrick. Visuals and analysis of floor plans from 2001, Clockwork, and The Shining. Thanks Phil. jc-02.23

Wydawnictwo Iskry on Pinterest. Terrific collection of Polish book covers from the 1920s on. Via Present & Correct. Some faves: I. II. III. IV. V. jc-02.23

"Sentence diagramming is pretty old school: It became popular in classrooms sometime after 1877... The technique turns sentences into graphic structures, also called parse trees, to better understand grammar and literature." Dissecting The Opening Lines Of 25 Famous Novels. jc-02.23

A production of the Factory Transporter Association, this German forklift safety film from 2001 is amazing. Via Alex Klimetschek. jc-02.22

NASA telescope reveals planets around single star. jc-02.22

BB had a pretty rough day last week. jc-02.22

"The Hidden History of the Laundry Chute" bb-02.22

Related to the last, it was my love of those GI Joe spots that led to SD adding a pork chop sandwiches line to our CP epic Copy Goes Here. ms-02.22

For me and BB, all 25 Fensler GI Joe spots in one HD video. ms-02.22

Related to the last, The Branding of Polaroid, 1957-1977, by Paul Giambarba. jc-02.21

Polaroid's SX-70: The Art and Science of the Nearly Impossible, great article from 2011 by Harry McCracken. jc-02.21

Boil the Frog takes the boiling frog metaphor and applies it to music playlists. Now you can fix any party so subtly, no one will notice. bb-02.21

Carsthatnevermadeitetc. Like it says. jc-02.21

"The demotion of the planet is quite simply 'bullshit.'" Via John Dickerson. jc-02.21

A FDL early in the week. Safety Code and Requirements for Dry Martinis from the American National Standards Institute, Inc. Via John Gruber. I'm pretty sure we fall well within the guidelines. jc-02.21

Curious what's playing in the Field Notes shipping department? Our own DJ Corpse Fingers (aka MossTapes MurkCast and Meester Magpie) has a radio show now. (Yes, that's Dion at the wrong speed.) bb-02.20

The Hague is now the largest Mondrian painting in the world. jc-02.20

"Our objective in making this film was something of a psychology experiment: We sought to capture people facing a difficult situation, to make a portrait of humans in doubt." Ten Meter Tower from The New York Times, via Kottke mcj-02.20

Golden-age DC comics meet the "dad joke:" Super Antics by Kerry Callen. bb-02.20

Bruce pulls a Brisbane kid out of the audience and it's the best thing you'll watch all month. jc-02.20

Smithe, street art, graffiti and illustration by Mexican artist Luis Enrique. jc-02.20

Trailer for the Terrence Malick film Song To Song. ms-02.20

Tokyo Shop Fronts, illustrated by Mateusz Urbanowicz. jc-02.20

Paris Shop Signs. Photos by Sebastien Erras. jc-02.20

Building Blocks of Sound & Synthesis. bb-02.17

"The garage door was yet another point of elaborate decoration for the MidCentury home. It provided a broad canvas for designers to decorate..." Via Whet. jc-02.17

Relink. How Stanley Kubrick Became Stanley Kubrick: A Short Documentary Narrated by the Filmmaker. jc-02.17

Black Girls Be Boxing, Stella Binion. jc-02.17

Tim Hykes' 28 Days of Black Designers. dw-02.16

Music video for Blondie's Fun. dw-02.16

Page Two contains the previous 40 Fresh Signals, recent features, a key to the icons and the categorical archives.

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